Big Picture Alliance uses digital filmmaking to engage, educate and empower over 200 youth every year through our award-winning after school, workforce, and summer programs across Philadelphia. We partner with schools, cultural institutions and social service agencies to bring filmmakers into classrooms and communities to teach collaborative filmmaking through a hands-on project-based curriculum. Youth develop digital literacy and 21st Century skills through producing original films from script to screen – writing, shooting, and editing original films that communicate their perspectives which they present through industry field trips, screenings and broadcasts.

Media literacy & cinema studies Cinemaniacs

Youth (ages 14-18) explore the role of cinema in their lives and society through watching and analyzing a diverse selection of historical and contemporary films. Youth develop a deeper understanding of the evolution and creative process of filmmaking through screenings, discussions, activities & conversations with guest filmmakers.

Fall & Spring / Tues 4-6pm / @The Philadelphia Film Center

Digital Filmmaking After School

Youth (ages 14-18) develop digital literacy and 21st Century skills through producing original films from script-to-screen – collaboratively writing, shooting, and editing films that communicate their perspectives, which they present through community screenings.

Fall & Spring / Mon 4-7pm / @YMCA Columbia North

Intermediate filmmaking Summer

Youth (ages 14-24) create collaborative films from script-to-screen under the mentorship of professional filmmakers through 6-week summer intensives. They present their work through industry field trips to film & media studios and at a culminating public screening.

Summer Teen Media Program (ages 14-18)
June 20 – July 28 / Mon-Fri 10am-3pm / @Philadelphia Museum of Art & Esperanza Academy

Summer Work Ready “Intro To Media Futures” (ages 18-24) June 28 – Aug 4 / Tues & Thurs 10am-3pm / @Big Picture Alliance

Creative Community & mentorshop Via lux media collective

Via Lux (“Street Light”) is a youth-led media collective. This 10-month paid fellowship provides youth (ages 16-21) with the creative community and professional mentorship to develop their artistic practice, produce collaborative films, and explore careers in film & media.

Fall – Spring / Sept – June / Thurs 4-6pm / @Big Picture Alliance

Workforce development media futures

A 10-month paid digital media workforce program that supports youth (ages 18-24) towards pursuing careers in film & media. Youth develop portfolios, career skills, and gain industry certifications through producing a “work-for-hire” with a community client under the mentorship of professionals. Alumni are then placed at 4-month paid apprenticeships with our industry partners across Philadelphia. Alumni can also train towards becoming BPA teaching artists and staff.

Fall – Spring / Sept – June / Thurs 9am-3pm / @Big Picture Alliance

Advanced filmmaking film futures

A 10-month paid fellowship that provides young aspiring filmmakers (ages 18-24) the opportunity to produce their original film from script-to-screen under the mentorship of professionals. The program provides access to equipment, funding, and mentorship for early-career emerging filmmakers to create, premiere, and distribute their debut short film.

Fall – Spring / Sept – June / Tues 9am-3pm / @Big Picture Alliance

Paid apprenticeships Big Picture Productions

Youth ages (19-24) create professional content for clients through paid apprenticeships under the mentorship of professionals – developing career skills, work experience, and portfolios.